VIP Day ~ Relax Into Your Power!!

You don’t need to find your power. It is already WITHIN you!!

Join Jen for a one-on-one personalized day of powerful transformation, healing & creation!

Together, we will dive deep, using a customized set of tools and techniques to affect massive shifts and powerful breakthroughs. Release energy blockages, heaviness and all that weighs you down. Experience profound healing as you release patterns that keep you stuck. Create a vision and framework to move you forward into an empowered, joyful life of ease and purpose! End the day feeling empowered, energetic, hopeful and passionate! Leave with a personalized Relax Into Power VIP Day Coaching Guidebook.


9:00-10:00 Begin with a relaxing and centering personalized Yoga Nidra guided mediation session.

10:15-12:15 Transformational Breakthrough Session—an intensively powerful coaching session to determine where you currently are and how you envision your BEST life. We will begin removing energy blockages, changing mindset patterns that have kept you stuck, up until now.

12:15-1:00 Reflection & Journaling Time

1:00-2:00 Lunch Time-Nourish & fuel the body and mind!

2:00-3:00 Dive Deep Coaching Session-explore survival patterns and energy blockages that are keeping you stuck. Release these to allow you to move forward in your life with greater ease and confidence with an effortless ease. Shift from current limiting beliefs and limiting repetitive thought patterns that hold you back from living your best life, with ease, passion and joy. Replace limiting beliefs with empowering affirmations that will propel amazingly positive life transformations in a surprisingly rapid timeframe.

3:00-3:30 Afternoon Snack Break

3:30-4:30 Create a life you LOVE Strategy Session! Together we will help you align with your inner wisdom and intuition, to create an easy to implement strategy, a fun and easy action plan specific to your heart’s desires and best and highest good. We will help you find balance family, work, relationships, self-care and spirituality. We will help you create a plan to balance tension and relaxation so you can replace exhaustion and overwhelm with peace, ease and passion. We will create routines and action steps to so that you will feel confident to move forward, making powerful forward moving shifts and changes.

4:30-5:00  Take A Break!

5:00-6:00  Final Integration Session—wrap up our ultra-productive day full of life changing transformation. Leave feeling lighter, more confident, more centered, more energized and EXCITED and enthusiastic about living your best and most exciting life!!

Receive one additional one-on-one coaching session with Jen, within the 30 days following your big, transformational day. Leave with your personalized Relax Into Power VIP Day Coaching Guidebook to help you implement the amazing content from your exciting, action-packed day!