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2019 ~ Signature Coaching Program

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and maxed out?

Do you find yourself drowning
in an endless list of things to do?

Would you like more time to
take care of yourself and enjoy life?

Create more time, more balance and more joy in your life.

2019~Your Best Year Yet Coaching Program will include:

1 hour, one-on-one online coaching sessions every week with Jen Cortes!

6 modules to create your best year to date:

  1. Authentic You~Learning to listen to your inner voice.
  2. Honoring Yourself~The Importance of Self Care.
  3. Healthy You, Happy You!~Shifting Beliefs, Emotions, and Behaviors towards a healthier you!
  4. Feeling Connected~Find your Tribe.
  5. Moving Your Stress Out~Balancing Tension and Relaxation
  6. Putting All the Pieces Together~Stepping Into the Biggest, Brightest Version of You!

• Targeted weekly action steps to achieve results.

• Dedicated connection Facebook group to share successes, answer questions, and to receive support by myself, my team, and other members.

• Guidebooks for each Module.

• Ongoing and consistent support throughout the week, via email and Facebook messenger with Jen Cortes.

As a Bonus you will receive:

• Any time, as needed, one 30 Minute one-on-one coaching session to be used at any time during the program.

Extra Bonus Module:

• Connecting to Your Kiddos.

• Yoga Nidra Recorded Meditations.

Yes, Jen!

I’m ready to invest in MYSELF!!
I am ready to ditch struggle and survival and create a life
of happiness, ease and radiant energy!