About Jen Cortes

For years, I PRETENDED that I had all my sh^% together—- I was a great teacher, fantastic single mommy, yogi, social butterfly, BUT inside, I was SECRETLY a total wreck—-stressed out, completely exhausted & feeling alone!!  My physical health suffered and I felt UGLY!!

My life is SO different now!!
I am happy!!
I am vibrantly healthy & energetic!!
I feel connected to loved ones ♥️!!

Step into your AWESOMENESS & self-confidence!!

GREATNESS already exists within YOU!! ✨
Allow me to help you release the blocks that are keeping you from this!!

Jen Cortes is a highly intuitive healer who believes that each of us is meant to shine brightly in this beautiful world. We all have our own answers inside of us. We are meant to connect to ourselves, our Higher Power and others in beautiful ways that illuminate the world. She loves to inspire others to step into their greatness and live their most authentic happy lives.


Transformational Coaching Programs and Yoga Nidra will help catapult your life towards a life you truly LOVE!  Using intuitive gifts, powerful tools and enthusiastic and positive encouragement, Jen will be by your side at every moment in you journey of big growth and life changing shifts. Focusing on your strengths, intentions and desires, Jen will personalize a program of healing, growth, transformation and wellness in a program that is both fun and magical!

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